Dali and Little Grey

We just received a phone call from a neighbor. She told us that both Dali and Little Grey were killed by passing cars a few days ago, one hour apart. They were already buried by the neighbor. 

We are devastated.

Life stories of Dali and Little Grey to follow. They both had four good years in our backyard… 
R.I.P. Dali and Little Grey. 

At least we know they won’t be poisoned by some cat haters living around…

Catsmodo’s daily cats – sick cats

More pix of the sick Shortie and Friendly Oreo. They both look pretty badly hit by some virus or bacteria. It really sad that there’s not much we can do — they are both hiding and it’s impossible for us to catch them to send to the vet. Vet won’t prescribe medicine unless we can catch at least one of them. It of course makes sense. And we will keep trying to catch them but the hope is not high at all. What we are doing is to leave can food mixed with L-lysine and Forti flora in hope that they can eat some — they don’t have good appetite at all.  :-(

Catsmodo’s daily cats – hit by the flu

These two guys, Friendly  Oreo and Shortie (photos previously taken) together with Little Grey (no photo available) are all hit by the flu these passed few days. They have been hiding and not eating and seem to be really congested. They stay away from us it breaks our heart that there’s not much we can do for them. But they are getting better. Thank goodness!

Dali’s Health Update – After One Week

Yesterday we brought Dali back to the vet for the post surgery check-up. Our vet said Dali had a perfect recovery. We are really glad he is doing well, and we are also super relieved that he didn’t move-away after we had to cage him 3 or 4 times last couple weeks.

Below are some video and photos from last vet visit:
Waiting for the vet:

There are some food trapped in the gum pocket of the top canine teeth, but vet said it won’t be trapping any food after the gum pocket fully heals.IMG_6034

Checking the teeth.