Catsmodo’s daily cats – cats at adoption center and their newly donated toys

We’ve volunteered at this adoption center of Caring About The Strays for almost 10 years now. With less exposure most of the cats have spent years in here. But with newly donated toys they are definitely not bored.

Catsmodo’s daily cats – Shortie

We hadn’t seen Shortie for 36 hours Sunday Through Monday evening and we thought we had lost him forever, just like we lost Dali and Grey – they all came around our backyard four and half years ago and thats quite a long time for community cats to live. 

But happily, Shortie decided to return Monday evening as if nothing had happened. He still enjoys head butting with Big Grey, but not so much with Big Head. Not taking it for granted, we try to capture the moments as much as we can because we know that every time we see them, it might be the last time we see them…