First post using mobile phone

So we’ve been away from the site for a while, mainly because we are so busy these days and the time it takes to maintain and update the site using … Continue reading

Cross-eyed Siamese Cat Benjamin turns 7

Our dearest Benjamin turns 7 this month. We do not know his exact birthday as he was rescued when he was around 2 months old by a friend of C.A.T.S.┬áin … Continue reading

Sweet Pea and Fluffy are Seven Now!

I adopted Sweet Pea and Fluffy in 2008 from Caring About The Strays shortly after I became a volunteer in the organization. They are not litter mates but they grow … Continue reading

Oero II is one of the community cats who is a regular in our backyard. Recently we’ve noticed something is wrong with his skin, as shown in the photos. Does … Continue reading

The Lives of 5 Community Cats.

Flashback of the lives of 5 community cats in our backyard. They started to show up in 2013 and the number has been solidified to 5. All of them have … Continue reading

Cute Tortoiseshell kitten looking for a permanent home (adoption)

Super cute tortoiseshell kitten looking for a permanent home. For more details please visit Caring About The Strays website or call (305) 889-0840.