Catsmodo’s daily cats – when it rains, stay inside (the yard)

It rained all day – much needed rain in South Florida in months! The community cats united in the covered backyard and had a wonderful day!

Catsmodo’s daily cats – there are too many adoptable cats needing forever homes

Raymond and Elton, brothers who were rescued and became residents of the adoption center we volunteer for when they were little kittens. They are the youngest in the adoption center, but they have already been there for more than three years — time flies! For one, our adoption center is located in a converted garage which receives almost no public attention, but more importantly, even though the two boys are both gorgeous, there are too many good adoptable cats out there and they are nothing special. Something has to be done… they deserve a home where they can receive more attention than just being visited once a day…

Catsmodo’s daily cats – volunteering in the adoption center, this is our valentines day

Shelter cats need some love. And today happens to be our turn to volunteer. Besides our regular routine of feeding cats, cleaning litter boxes and cleaning their eyes, we also administered flea control medicine to all the cats in the adoption center. Man this is a challenging task!

Feeding the Community Cats

This is how we feed the community cats every morning, and we do the same every evening, for the past several years.

They are a group of quiet and peaceful cats, their irresponsible owners dumped them or their parents onto the streets, they just want to live/sleep/eat and not be bothered.

We helped spay neuter all of them who showed up in our yard not spayed/neutered. They usually just hangout and sleep in our backyard and comes together just in time for their breakfast and dinner.

To learn more about spay/neuter programs in your area, follow the link below: